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Jennifer V. F.

I have been making this mayo from avocado oil with a stick blender for months, and I swear the emulsion process that creates the consistency is MAGIC. Pure MAGIC. Nothing else explains it. The first time I made it, I didn't even know it was "wrong," as I didn't know to EXPECT it to have the consistency of Best Foods, etc. The 2nd time I read the fine print: BRING ALL INGREDIENTS TO ROOM TEMPERATURE. Oh! The egg, the lemon juice... and yes, MAGIC heavenly healthy mayo in 30 seconds!! One of my fav healthy fats!

Rebecca Cody


I discovered how easily I could make thick, delicious mayo with my immersion blender several years ago, but stopped making it because I didn't want to use omega 6 oils and olive oil tasted too strong. Thanks for the tip on avocado oil! And I like it that this is a small batch, because it won't keep like store-bought mayo. You must use it within a week or two.

In Nourishing Traditions the mayonnaise recipe calls for an optional tablespoon of whey. If you use whey, the recipe says to let it set, covered, on the counter at room temperature for seven hours before refrigerating. If you do this, it is supposed to last several months and become firmer over time.

That recipe also uses 1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice for 3/4-1 cup oil.


Hi Rebecca,

I plan to add more lemon juice next time. Some of the other recipes I've seen and tried use 1 to 2 Tbsp. lemon juice.

I remember Sally Fallon's use of whey in mayo for that purpose. What kind are you getting and where?


Hi Jennifer,

Your are so right––it is like magic, making mayo with the emulsion blender. It is so amazing how fast it gets thick and how thick! I plan to try it with a little more oil to see how it turns out and to try some different oils.

Thank you for following my blog and posting a comment.

Chef Rachel

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