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The Paleo Superfood that will ROCK your tastebuds
Gluten Free Global Community

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Page Campbell

I love your Paleo recipes. I'm gluten intolerant so your recipes are always safe and good. What I'd like to see more of are grilling veggies recipes. For some reason I seem to always either undercook or burn veggies on the grill. I'm sure there are some nice oils etc that will add a nice touch but still be "kid inviting" for all the grandkids that come to visit (as well as us kid at heart types.
I also crave pasta dishes but find GF pasta a bit tough, especially the second day.


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I watched your YouTube video on How to Use an Ice Cream maker. I didn't realize you should put the canister into a baggie before freezing it. Who knew?


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The pizza crust and the crispy chicken fingers.

Thank you for sharing the Thai Chili Chicken Meatballs, looking forward to trying these.

Tina W.

Those meatballs look awesome! I'm subscribed to your blog.

Marjorie Hill

The Thai chili chicken meatballs sound delicious. I am always looking for ways to include meat that has herbs and spices to enhance flavor and nutrition.


Looking for quick easy recipes using good quality ingredients.

Shanda Palsulich

I would love to win this cookbook. After reading your review I read even more reviews on Amazon and this seems like a great book of grain-free recipes.

Chef Rachel

Hi Nicole,

Some people freeze the canister w/out putting it in a bag; however, if any water (say from an ice cube tray) drips on the ice cream maker canister and freezes, that can interfere with the machine working when you assemble and run it.


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It would be great to win this book and cook some of the recipes they offer. I have a grain and dairy allergy but no one else in my family does. I’m constantly trying to find ways to bridge the gap and make everyone happy at dinner time. Good luck to all those who enter!

Stephanie KL

I like the fact that they use coconut flour in their recipes. I use almond flour a lot but am concerned about the balance of omega 3:6 ratio. Coconut flour imparts a wonderfully, different flavor in my baked goods and I would like to make more use of this ingredient.

Stephanie KL

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Stephanie KL

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Stephanie KL

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I am having a hard time mirroring the chewy consistency of bread! Any help to keep me daydreaming of gluten would help!! :)

Chef Rachel

Hi JoAnn

Is there a particular recipe that isn't working for you? I know it can take some experimentation to find the best gluten free and grain free bread alternatives.

Have you tried Chebe bread mixes? They are my favorite. They make some with dairy and some w/out. I like the ones without best. I use almond milk and eggs to reconstitute their mix. It makes great flatbread and focaccia. I mix it in the food processor and often add more milk than the recipe calls for.

Type Fociaccia or Chebe on my blogs search box to find my recipe suggestions.

Chef Rachel

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