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Stefanie Beeth

Ok Rachel, I love your cookbook and all it's recipes. My problem is my 3 boys and my traveling husband. I try to plan meals and every once in a while they pan out. More often than not, I'm scrambling to get one here, another there and I get stuck throwing together who knows what?! My middle guy is really gains weight fast when I'm not on top of his carb in-take. Help a mama out!!

Jessica Smyth

I have a hard time being able to stay within budget and cook paleo for my family of 4. My hubby is the biggest obstacle. He thinks that shopping within the budget, about $120.00 a week, consists of all the processed junk. I was horrified when he came home with "beef patties" you should have seen what they put in those patties. Any help with cooking for a family of 4 on a limited budget?

Jessica Smyth

I subscribed to your youtube channel

Jessica Smyth

I watched you blueberry sauce video, perfect for the summer. I love blueberries and have just made my own sugar free jam. Love it.


One of my challenges is planning and preparing ahead. Eliminating gluten, dairy, and soy make it hard to just grab something out.


My challenge is affording enough meat to eat it so often.


I subscribed on youtube.


I watched the fudge sauce video, but was confused by the claim that agave is a health food. It is not supposed to be good for you.

Chef Rachel

Hi Jennifer

When I published my Ice Dream Cookbook, I included agave nectar as an option for vegans. I mostly used honey myself as I knew too much fructose was not good. I soon found out the truth about gave (that it was worse than I thought!!) and revised the text but have to wait until I sell out of the first printing before I can publish the version WITHOUT agave!

I have used honey and maple syrup for years, often with stevia so I can cut the total sugar calories. I have a post on this blog called "Another Look at Agave" that has text and link to a weston a price web site article that you can share with others if you like.

So yes, you are correct, agave is not the health food it was touted to be and not something I use anymore.

Thanks for following my blog,

Chef Rachel

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