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Charlotte Bone

Hello Rachel,
I hope you are well! I have learned so much since and because of your classes at SWIHA, I appreciate that so much! It changed my life literally. I am not only on a healthier path, but I am studying to become a naturopath or nutritionist (depending on schooling). But it seems the more I learn, the less I know. Once you think a product is good, you begin to learn it may not be so. Agave syrup, Stevia, almond milk even! It would take some pressure off to finally have a definitive guide to refer to. Thank you so much!
Sincerely, C

Charlotte Bone

Tweeted! :)

Charlotte Bone

Followed on Facebook! :)

Charlotte Bone

Shared on Facebook! :)
Thanks for all you do!


I often miss gluten when I am buying salad dressing and the like


I follow your Facebook page as well :)

Jen Jones

Hi Chef Rachel,
I have 2 problems with reading labels...#1) there are so many ingredients with chemical sounding names that are actually natural. How can I learn to discern from healthy ingredients & poison? #2) I have food allergies & the various clever names and origins of certain ingredients has me concerned because the 'clever names' are not listed under allergens. *Yes! I eat lots of whole foods but I just don't have time to make my own non-dairy butter/cheese & breads (yet) lol!
You are fantastic. Thank you for ALL you do!

Stephanie KL

We eat healthy but probably could improve on it. We read labels but with so many ingredients on the "no-no list", we often miss seeing one until after we get the product home. The manufacturers are getting crafty at disguising the bad ingredients. Having a better system to discern the long list would be beneficial.

Stephanie KL

I follow you on Facebook.

Stephanie KL

I receive your emails.

Karen C

Hi Rachel
I just subscribed to your blog. Hope you are well.

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