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The Paleo Superfood that will ROCK your tastebuds
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I would love to win this book. We are trying to cut out carbs. I like to use cauliflower to make pizza crust


I want to win a copy because I would love to add some new ways to prepare paleo foods. My favorite way to prepare cauliflower is by roasting it in the oven until the edges get nicely browned - simple and delicious!

Jennifer Steinbachs

i followed your page on Facebook and i posted a note about your giveaway on my own page ( but i really hope i win :)

Marjorie Hill

I would love a copy of Practical Paleo as it sounds like a very basic and meaningful book to work with for implementing a paleo diet.

My favorite cauliflower recipe is mashing cauliflower and parsnip together with a small amount of coconut milk, adding some diced parsnip on top or perhaps some cinnamon.

Deb M

Hi Chef Rachel,
I watched your youTube video of Herbed Meatballs. I see others I want to watch as well.


I'd love a copy of practically paleo to help give me fresh ideas to feed my family. My favorite way to eat cauliflower is roasted with olive oil sea salt and garlic- so easy and yummy.


Hi Chef Rachel! :) I would love to win Practical Paleo, because any recipe insights and ideas on how to make my everyday diet "practical" and easy to follow is needed in my kitchen. :)

Cauliflower has become a good feeling, healthy comfort food for me and I love to eat it.

I love, love, love to roast a head of cauliflower,by chopping it into small florets and tossing with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and a sprinkle of onion powder. When brown and crispy looking, I take it out and puree gently in my Vita Mix or with a hand held blender till creamy.

My other way of making cauliflower, is to steam a head of cauliflower florets till tender. While it's steaming, I fry up a medium onion till golden brown and caramelized in some olive oil with sea salt, black pepper, and a touch of dried thyme. When the cauliflower and onion are done, I put everything in the Vita Mix along with an extra pinch of thyme and puree gently till velvety. :)


I followed you on Facebook too!


I watched your YouTube video on Fresh Fruit gel. I'm trying to get gelatin into my diet. This was great!


I also subscribed to your YouTube channel.

Chef Rachel

Unflavored gelatin can also be incorporated into blender puddings, smoothie bases (I discuss this in the Garden of Eating) to make smoothies thicker, no bake pie fillings, and more.

I hope you make the Fresh Fruit Gel. It's an easy and tasty recipe. In the winter I make it with frozen sweet but unsweetened pitted cherries in apple juice.I love to serve it topped with coconut butter (softened in a make shift double boiler). Great with any meal or as a snack.


I would love to win this book as I was looking at it in the store but don't have the funds right now to purchase. I like roasted cauliflower best :)


I enjoyed your meatball recipe video.


I subscribe to your blog.


I'm a fan on Facebook.


I've seen this book and it looks great. Best cauliflower ever to me is doused in melted butter, slices relatively thin, roasted at high heat like 450° and salted well


This book looks lovely and like it would be so helpful and inspiring.


I am subscribed to you blog

Rebecca Benjamin

I would love to win a copy of the book, I have leaky gut and am allergic to a slew of foods inregard to my leaky gut / digestion. I try my best to eat healthy whole organic and feed my family the same, but I need better meal planning in our lives so I can do better for myself and kids. Food has been a test for me, I have lost over 100lbs and am still staying the course, but it is time to kick it up a notch. I discovered orange, purple, cauliflower at a farmers market several years ago and asked the farmer how do they cook it? They told me easy-just roast it with olive oil and seasalt. Well that opened the door to roasting all types of vegs! But my kids won't eat them roasted any longer, I have to try the mashed receipe and see if I can get them back on track.♥


I started following paleo guidelines in my diet 2 months ago. My wife has started noticing the difference and is even eating some of my food. I believe Practical Paleo will help me transform my meal plans into something both of us can enjoy all the time.

She likes when I make cauliflower into fried rice replacement.


I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. So glad to have come across this information, too.

Stephanie KL

I follow your blog.

Stephanie KL

I receive your email newsletter.

Stephanie KL

I have been derailed off the paleo track and need to get back to basics. Practical Paleo is the right engineer to train me in the proper paleo management.

My favorite way to eat cauliflower is riced in a cauliflower casserole.


I would love to win this prize as I have just started on the Paleo diet this week and would love to make it a lifestyle choice, permenantly! This book would help! :)

Chef Rachel

Hi Stephanie

I am glad to hear you are getting back on track. You might also like The Garden of Eating: A Produce Dominated Diet and Cookbook, the book I co-wrote. It includes chapters on stocking and organizing the kitchen (fridge, freezer, pantry, drawers, cupboards) so you can find what you are looking for in seconds. It also includes three chapters on meal and menu planning and a lot of do ahead tips so you have healthy food on hand when hunger strikes, a real asset in our busy times.

You can read about it by clicking the books tap at the top of this page.

I appreciate you following my blog and look forward to sharing more tips and recipes and books with you.

You can enter this contest as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning!

Chef Rachel


This is a book I have been eyeing for months. I love that she covers a variety of heath topics and has a great selection of recipes. My favorite cauliflower recipe is a twist on my moms favorite rice treat...steamed and shredded with raw honey cinnamon and nutmeg with coconut milk. Mmm tasty :)

Stephanie KL

I'm now following you on FB.

Amy Todd

HI Rachel, I love your cook book, it is one of the first books I bought when I changed my diet to a more traditional then paleo diet. I love it, it's huge! I would love to win Practical Paleo so I can have more ideas for my family of four. With a 14 yo and 11 yo, they are always hungry!! My favorite way to cook cauliflower is roasted in the oven with olive oil and garlic. So delicious!

I also tweeted a link to your blog on Twitter!

Amy Todd

HI Rachel,

I also just followed you on Facebook. I was already following you on Twitter as well. Can't get enough of social media!

Erika Villanueva

My son has autism and we have been trying to follow the paleo diet for his sake. We have noticed drastic difference in his behaviors due to being on this diet. We would love to have this book to give us further new ideas on how to prepare meals to make it more appealing to the whole family:-)


Nice Post.

I love


I just made these and substituted Sunflower butter for the nut butetr (stupid nut allergy) And it worked amazingly! It reminds me of the banana bread that my mother use to make, except with chocolate which only makes it more delicious.Thanks so much for posting!


Hi,I just discovered your blog and am finnidg it very helpful! My husband and I have been doing paleo for about 3 months, but never really knew it until recently. We discovered that the way we had been eating had a name, paleo! Anyhow, so far we are doing an okay job. My husband is like 85-90% paleo and I would say I'm about 75%. I have a 2 month old daughter and am hesitant to change my lifestyle completely bc I'm breast feeding. Breast feeding has been going really well thankfully and I just don't want anything to change that. Any suggestions? Or knowledge on this?

Chef Rachel

Eating a more micronutrient dense diet would not harm breast milk or your child. I recommend a paleo diet that is rich in colorful vegetables where they make up the largest volume of what you eat with some fruit and a modest amount of protein at each meal. You don't have to go low carb to eat a paleo diet.

Chef Rachel

Chef Rachel

Hi Donna

That's a big question that I cannot answer in detail on this blog. I recommend that you buy my book, The Garden of Eating to learn more, become more proficient in the kitchen, broaden your recipe repertoire, etc. I am available for one on one phone coaching as well.

I invite you to subscribe to my blog (upper left corner of page) so you can learn more and also be up on my latest giveaways so you can enter to win books and products too.

Thanks for reading my blog,
Chef Rachel

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