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Great post Rachel. Keep up the good work.

Step 1 USMLE

I am on a diet right now. But the thing is, I'm too busy that I cannot make salads and the proper or required diet for myself. How do I catch up? What can you recommend for a busy person like me and still maintain healthy meals.

Chef Rachel

Hi Step 1 USMLE,

I am not sure what you mean by catch up. Perhaps you need to shift some priorities so you can make time to shop, prep, and cook more. Many people need strategies that make it easier to eat well on a daily basis. I have those outlined in my Garden of Eating Cookbook. If you don't have it, I suggest you order a copy.

I also have a great tip sheet here that explains how to turn your fridge into a healthy salad bar & gourmet deli (strategies) so you have healthy food on hand when hunger strikes:

Alternatively, you may need to hire a personal chef.


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