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All I can say is wow, why isn't the information on nitrates more publicized? Even on the websites that promote paleo eating, they all still seem to be anti -nitrate. Thanks for sharing this info.

Chef Rachel

Good question. I don't know. I guess most people into the wholistic health, natural foods, Weston A Price's work, and paleo diet haven't read about the benefits of nitrates and about the inaccurate info we've been given about it.

Please share this article and my other bacon articles with as many people as you like w/a link so they can read and learn more!

Thanks for posting on my blog. I hope you subscribe to get further updates, recipes, and tips!



The problem with bacon and other processed meats isn't the nitrates, it's all the other additives. I'm not sure what it is in preserved meats that gives my husband the WORST migraines, but if it's not the nitrates, it's got to be one of these common additives: sodium phosphate, sodium diacetate or sodium erythorbate. All I know is he doesn't have any problem with meats labeled uncured and preservative-free. Go figure! I'm just glad those options are available at whatever cost, because cooking without bacon?? No joy.

PS: I'm a paleo newbie and LOVING your site and recipes!

Chef Rachel

Hi Betsy,

Yes, it sounds like the additives are the culprit. Finding products with the simplest and fewest (and more unprocessed) ingredients is always the best thing to do. I am glad there are many options.

I'm so glad you are enjoying my web site. :-) I also have some cooking video clips on my YouTube Page, which you can also subscribe to.

If you have not already subscribed to my blog and monthly newsletter, you can do this in the upper left corner of this page. Newsletter comes out 1x a month. Blog posts I make 1-3x a week and subscribing will alert you when I add something new.

Where do you live? How'd you find my site? Do you already have my Garden of Eating paleo diet book?


I have ordered your book. I was visiting a friend in Flagstaff a couple weeks ago and she referred me to your book and site.

I am, in fact, local to you! I live in East Mesa. I was just looking at your class offerings and will probably be taking one soon. The coco flour class in August looks particularly tempting! Plus, I would love to meet more like-minded foodies in real life. I've always loved cooking and I cook for a large crowd daily (my husband and I have 6 children between us). Switching up our diet in a way that is healthful, fun and deprivation-free has become an all-consuming hobby for me. Thank you for all the meal inspiration!!

mike lapmardo

very interesting--i eat mostly vegetables but bacon is one of my favorite treats--i always thought that i would have to wait three or four days to have my two strips--will wait the same--but not feel guilty

Chef Rachel Albert

If you haven't tried bacon wrapped dates, you've gotta try them---sweet, salty, fatty, mmm! Great appetizer or dessert. I have a recipe posted here (on the blog);just type that into the search box). Buy the highest quality bacon you can afford and enjoy in good health.


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