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I was on the prowl for a really good book on hoempoathic care for cats, as I have long been a believer that holistic, natural care is the way to go for pets as well as their human caretakers.So I scoured Amazon, and found this. Read the reviews. Was impressed by the lavish praise. But being skeptical and occasionally contrary, I figured I'd buy it, then report back with a review on how it was (probably) good, (probably) useful, but (probably) not perfect, for the following reasons etc., etc. Add a little leaven to the lump, as it were.Thank goodness words are organic, because I had to eat them. This book is beautiful in its layout, varied in its knowledge, deep in its wisdom, useful in its advice, and worth your time and money. If you're even *thinking* about switching your cat to holistic care, you must have this book on your shelf. If you're worried about how much extra work going the hoempoathic route might be vs. sticking to an easy-to-maintain routine, stop. This book will help.Shoot, it's worth it just for the pretty pictures. Fortunately, however, you get a great deal more.Whole Health For Happy Cats will make both your and your kitty a whole lot of happy. So say I.

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