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Wow! I've seen these several times before, but I wrote them off because I didn't think that they were safe for SCD. Thanks for trying them for us. I'm going to have to order some myself.

Chef Rachel

I can't guarantee that they're safe for the SCD diet but from what I know I think they would be. If you discover something to the contrary, please let me know. I'm a novice when it comes to SCD info.


These sound incredible. I wish we could get them here in Canada!

Chef Rachel

maybe you can. Why don't you contact the company?

Kim Brown



Can Miracle Noddle be frozen, especially the sample package we ordered? I really need to know as I am going to be away for a while longer than the refrigerated shelf life

Chef Rachel

Hi Kim,

I have no idea if they can be frozen.I would imagine it would adversely alter the texture. I suggest you call the company and ask. If they can't be frozen and you already have some you bought, maybe you could share them w/a friend so they don't go to waste. I'll help you eat them if you need to find a home for them! :-))


I just received mine and couldn't wait to try them. I am an angel air pasta fan and thought this might be a great alternative. I rinsed and dried with a paper towel as instructed and I added them to my favorite chicken stock. I just could not get over the translucent slimy worm-like texture of them. They picked up the flavor well though, so I might try the dry roasting instruction next, and maybe even put them in my food dehydrator? If it works it may make them more shelf stable for the future and hopefully will improve the texture a bit.

Lori Robertson

I'm a pasta addict trying to cut down on carbs, so I ordered the angel hair noodles. I tried them out for the first time today in a spicy curry soup with vegetables. The chewy texture of the noodles takes a bit of getting used to, but they worked great in this simple ramen-style soup. Now if I could only figure out a way to make them into cookies!

Chef Rachel

Hi Lori,

Thanks for posting. Glad you tried the noodles. Yes, they do take some getting used to. For cookies, you can use coconut flour alone or in combination with a gluten free flour blend for a lower carb (but not zero carb) cookie.

I do have a recipe for a grain-free, gluten-free, flour-free coconut macaroon in both of my books, The Garden of Eating and The Ice Dream Cookbook. The recipe calls for honey + stevia, making it lower in calories and carbs than other cookies.

Keep checking back on my blog for more recipes and ideas. I also have some cooking videos on YouTube, some of them low carb.

T Meyers

Hey, just ran across your site while GOOGLE-ing recipes for PCOS and Borderline Diabetes. I was wondering, can you get this in the US or do you have to order it? And, do you have to buy large quantities? I am inteested in trying it.
Thanks, T Meyers


I live in the US & I have never seen Miracle Noodles in stores. To get it I think you have to place an order by phone or on line,

Chef Rachel

gina showell


are these the same noodles that Dr. Jon would write about? I used to purchase noodles from them and get weekly tips and news letters. Is this the same company revamped?

Hannah Friesen

Response to Ricki: Hi, I live in Calgary, Alberta. I went to the Korean-Japanese store Arirang and asked for shirataki noodles, not Miracle Noodles. I had no trouble finding them. I grew up eating them in sukiyaki is Japan. I used to call them "rubber bands".



You can pretty much get these type of noodles at your grocery store they are always located right next to the tofu. Shirataki noodles is all you have to look for. Miracle noodles is just a brand that mainstreamed it for diet the Japanese have been using these forever.

Chef Rachel

Wow, I didn't know that. I recently saw them at Whole Foods Market and was surprised. I haven't looked in regular supermarkets yet!

Thanks for posting that. I hope you'll come back to read more on my blog.



Chef Rachel

Hi Barbara

These noodles would be acceptable on an atkin's diet!


would these be acceptable on the nutra system diet


hi im on the nutrisystem diet would these noodles be ok thank you

Chef Rachel

Hi Debora

I can't see why they wouldn't fit with that diet. They're not starch based and they are virtually calorie free.


I am on the Medifast diet and wanted a way to have spaghetti (1/2 cup is equal to 1 veggie). I am also a big texture picky person and was worried about the rubber band comments on some of the posts. I found that if you follow all the directions for prep including stir frying and marinating them over night the texture is almost like rice pasta. The prep time is a down fall but the benefits of the low carb substitute out weigh that. I have eaten the angel hair with tandori spice & Chicken Tika Marsala, and am now marinating the thin noodles in olive oil and Italian spices for dinner. Doing the prep the night before will become habit as I learn new ways to season them. The other plus is that my husband likes them.


would these noodles be a good for the hcg diet


Your fettuccine pasta made from miracle noodles looks delicious. I will try your dry roasting method the next time I eat these noodles. Thanks for sharing a very healthy food option for those of us searching for a pasta substitute.

Chef Rachel

Hi Lorie,
Your combo w/the Indian Chicken dish sounds delish! I have not tried marinating yet. I will though. I did add the noodles to a hot and sour chinese-style soup once and liked that.

I'm surprised your diet doesn't allow you to eat a larger amount of the noodles since they are virtually calorie free.


Mu Aunt and Uncle used these on the HGC diet and still managaed to lose their daily amount of weight! So for HCG dieter, this may or may not work for you but you might want to give it a try. I am!


Well I ventured into the world of the Miracle Noodle and I have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. I was also turned off a little bit by the slimy white look but I have to admit that once I dry roasted them and added my olive oil, spices, fresh basel and roasted chicken pieces it tasted great. Personally, I liked it so much that I just ordered 2 of the samplers. I recommend them highly. You will be surprised.

Chef Rachel Albert

Hi Lara,

So glad you liked the noodles. Amazing how they go from looking odd to looking and tasting better after a dry roast and some tasty toppings.

Thanks for following my blog,
Chef Rachel

Beth A

I am SO glad I found this site! I just purchased several pouches and couldn't wait to try them. I saw nothing on the company's site about the pan roasting method, only the suggestion that they be patted dry. I figured heck, I'm putting them in soup, why should they be dry? Big mistake! Drying is a MUST. Prior to roasting I found them inedible. Slimy, rubbery and completely devoid of flavor, but after roasting I found the texture more palatable and they definitely were better able to absorb flavor. I will keep experimenting.

Chef Rachel Albert

Hi Beth

It was somewhere obscure on the site that I read that about pan roasting or drying. I'm glad you tried it. ;-)

Let me know if you find any ways you love to serve the noodles! You might give me more ideas too!



I just tried the rice and really liked it. Some in my family said the smell was unbearable even after rinsing. I didn't notice it after the rinsing. The only problem I have is the next day. Make sure you are by a bathroom. It IS fiber!

Paulette Fein

These noodles sound great, but I had my gall bladder removed about 48 years ago - I am 70 - and wonder whether it might not be a good idea to try them. Thanx. Paulette

Beth Dikeman

Hi Paulette

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to eat these noodles. They are virtually fat free and calorie free.


You can buy them at most health food streos. You can also find them cheap online. The Paleo diet is a diet (lifestyle) similar to what our caveman ancestors would have ate. Meat, veggies, nuts & seeds, fresh fruit, etc. Nothing processed or prepackaged, and no dairy, wheat, soy, or legumes. Its a diet based on what we were supposed to eat, the way nature intended. It is a great lifestyle! I have a lot more energy since going Paleo. I feel better, I perform better in my workouts. I don't feel sluggish or tired. I recommend it to everyone!

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