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Heather Crimson

WOW! Rachel, your Gel is so much healthier, more attractive (than the neon artificial colors!), and much tastier than any "Jello" I've ever had. Thanks, thanks, thanks for creating your blog!

Debi Vans Evers

I tried the vegetarian/vegan version yesterday w/ 1 tbsp agar agar. It gelled as soon as I mixed the hot and cold and now that it's chilled, it has the texture of one of those rubber balls you get out of the little quarter vending machines. Used 4 cups total of liquid. Any ideas besides reducing the agar agar?

Chef Rachel

If your agar agar based gel is too firm you can puree it in a blender, vita mix, or food processor then pour into single serving bowls and chill for a mousse like texture.

I was using a conversion chart for gelatin to agar agar. This recipe, when made with gelatin makes "finger Jello" you can slice and it will hold its shape. I suggest using only 2 teaspoons of agar agar powder next time. Let me know how it comes out. You did add fresh fruit, right?

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